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Entry #4

Starcraft 2

2008-09-09 19:43:14 by mrkomiks

Am I the only one that's excited?

Also, I saw a drug deal go down in my health class. IRONY!

Starcraft 2


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2008-09-09 20:05:02

Can't wait!!! I only heard of the release is there any footage of it?

Creepy...You tell the teacher???

mrkomiks responds:

Haha yeah they have videos just go their site,

And no hahaha it's nothing at our school, and I don't wanna get my ass kicked kdjfghdsjkg


2008-09-09 20:09:41

I'm excited :(

mrkomiks responds:

-high five-


2008-09-09 20:30:47

yeah thats total irony.

yeah ive had a raging bonar since i heard they were making it. me n my friends are pretty excited because we had this sick clan bac in sc 1, and were gonna bring it back to life.
think fenix will come back as an immortal?!?

mrkomiks responds:

Hahahaha great thanks.
That's good to know. I love the colossus. It's like the tripods from War of the Worlds.


2008-09-09 21:09:45

No way, ill be on it all the time. I played the first one from age 6-11 then it got old. So hopefully ill go 16-? something. Its an awesome game :]

mrkomiks responds:

Me too, 16-52.


2008-09-09 22:18:59

I'm not that excited.
Some people I know spend all of their time watching pictures, trailers on the starcraft website.

mrkomiks responds:

I did that for a day, but I'm over those. I'm just waiting for the game now.