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2007-07-20 12:31:52 by mrkomiks

I've known about newgrounds for a long time but haven't even considered joining til recently.
I have a big Flash movie I'm working on, but slow as I am it won't be done for a while. I have a few things I can submit in the meantime anyway.
You can find me on dA as komiks and my webpage is


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2007-07-25 21:05:48

the same for me... ive known about NG for 1 year before join
a super movie you are working on? KOOL
PM me


2007-11-11 22:22:22

Glad to see you on Newgrounds, I've checked your devArt a couple times. Just going to ask this. What's up the Ronald McDonalds avatars?


2007-11-19 21:24:02

u gay

mrkomiks responds:

No but I am your daddy if that's what you mean ;D


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