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Starcraft 2

2008-09-09 19:43:14 by mrkomiks

Am I the only one that's excited?

Also, I saw a drug deal go down in my health class. IRONY!

Starcraft 2

Moon Poacher

2008-02-24 16:14:11 by mrkomiks

I'm making an awesome game, where you're poaching aliens on the moon. It's basically amazing.
I have like a minute of Brain Stew done. LAME
I'm just working on my game right now, it will be amazing.

I need to draw lots of different aliens, any ideas? :D

Moon Poacher

That is an odd smiley.

2007-12-07 18:19:31 by mrkomiks

I got an award for my newest Flash, Catching Snowflakes. Yay.
This is only my second Newgrounds post.

Wow this is pointless.
WORKING ON BRAIN STEW but it wont be done anytime soon if ever.
That is all.


2007-07-20 12:31:52 by mrkomiks

I've known about newgrounds for a long time but haven't even considered joining til recently.
I have a big Flash movie I'm working on, but slow as I am it won't be done for a while. I have a few things I can submit in the meantime anyway.
You can find me on dA as komiks and my webpage is